• Home visits in the 78, 92, 95 and Paris Ouest departments, France

Laura Grison-Brugeat 

I graduated from the prestigious Ecole Supérieure d’Ostéopathie (ESO), in Paris, one of the very few schools where osteopaths are trained over a period of 6 years. My training included 4 years’ practice at the school’s on-site clinic, where I carried out over 500 consultations and oversaw 4th and 5th year students during training sessions. 

L’Ecole Supérieure d’Ostéopathie’ is one of only ten schools in France registered under the Répertoire National des Certifications Professionelles (RNCP), a state-run organisation which confers professional status on a number of recognised qualifications. L’ESO has been given a level 1 status, the highest attainable award, a guarantee of quality and professionalism. 

My experience includes : 

  1.  A hands-on internship carried out in the maternity ward at Clinique Vauban in the town of Livry-Gargan on the outskirts of Paris
  2. A Master Thesis written (obtained with distinction) in association with the research pole of basket-ball at l'INSEP (French National Institute of Sport).
  3. Attendance at specialised seminars :  
  • In neuro-pediactrics by E. SOYEZ-PAPIERNIK (France) 
  • In pediatric osteopathy techniques by S. FENNELL (England) 
  • In postural osteopathy by C. BUISSON (France)
  • In optometry and osteopathy by C. VALENTI (Unites-States) 
  • In diagnosis methodology and myotensive techniques by L. DICK (United-States)